little teaser...


© Diana Tamane
Practising in sculpture but trained as a painter, Leyla Aydoslu collects detritus and discarded materials to construct site-specific “constructions,” as she calls them. These sculptures emerge from her immediate environment as gestures of an endless amount of possibilities and variations. Simultaneously sensual, clever, immediate and referential to landscape and the history of painting, these constructions act as both determinative of and departures from their origins. In this case, the materials all come from Salzburg and surroundings. As Aydoslu is a Salzburger Kunstverein artist in residence this spring, she will collect materials and construct her works on-site.

www.leylaaydoslu.com - www.salzburger-kunstverein.at

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 May 2016



Bringing together theatre companies and dance groups from Turkey and abroad with the audience, The Istanbul Theatre Festival first held in 1989, is an international event organised during three weeks in May. This year Platform 0090, as coproducer, participates with 4 productions.

WAITING FOR GODOT - Samuel Beckett / Sahika Tekand
3 - 4 May 2016 @ Uniq Hall, Istanbul and  21 May 2016 @ Toneelhuis, Antwerp

SECRET FACE - Orhan Pamuk / Mesut Arslan
6 - 7 - 8 May 2016  @ Modha Sahnesi, Istanbul
11 - 12 May 2016 @ Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul

20 - 21 - 22 - 23 May 2016 @ Salon IKSV, Istanbul
With Meryem Bayram of Platform 0090 - stage design  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05 May 2016

Tuesday 12 April 2016 at 12u40 !

see teaser on vimeo
read W.Hillaert in De Standaard
tickets www.bozar.be

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 April 2016


Listen to the radio commercial on Klara radio!
> listen

SECRET FACE première

15,16,17 October 2015, t,arsenaal mechelen and on tour  in Strombeek, Ninove, Brussel, Genk, Geel, Tielt, Antwerp, Istanbul, ...
With ‘Secret Face’ the Turkish-Belgian producer/theatremaker Mesut Arslan presents a theatre adaptation of ‘ Gizli Yüz’  (The Hidden Face), the only film script of Turkish author and Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk. For his evocative text and light choreography, Arslan works with a Flemish-Turkish team of actors and with scenographer Erki De Vries.

text Orhan Pamuk   director Mesut Arslan   scenography / lightdesign Erki De Vries dramaturg Ata Unal  sound Stijn Demeulenaere with Yves De Pauw, Lotte Heijtenis, Deniz Polatoglu, Tom Van Landuyt technique Turan Tayar, Bas Banen, Dieter Lambrechts, Culture Crew costumes Johanna Trudzinski  regieassistant Çiğdem y Mirol production OnderHetVel, t,arsenaal mechelen, Platform 0090, coproduktion Europalia, wpZimmer, Istanbul Theatre Festival

tickets: www.arsenaal.be


...from Kunstenfestival 0090 to Platform 0090...

Platform 0090 made a digital publication to mark its 10th anniversary, its trajectory from a festival to a nomadic workspace and its future plans with a “pool” of 14 artists. Première: 15,16,17 October 2015, t,arsenaal mechelen and on tour in Strombeek, Ninove, Brussel, Genk, Geel, Tielt, Antwerp, Istanbul, ...

> read more

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 October 2015


meanwhile in Limoges, France...

© Christophe Péan

Un périple avec les réfugiés...
Aux Francophonies en Limousin la création théâtrale est en prise avec les convulsions du monde. Auteurs et metteurs en scène cherchent de nouvelles formes pour parler de ce que nous vivons.
par Marina Da Silva, 1er octobre 2015      

--> review festival Les Francophonies en Limousin


© David Bergé
After its presentation on saturday 03.10.2015, the publication Fragile City by David Bergé will be exhibited as an installation from sunday 4.10.2015  -> sunday 15.11. 2015 in Netwerk / centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Houtkaai 15 - 9300 Aalst
Fragile City revisits Le Corbusier’s Voyage d’Orient of 1911 in the contemporary context of urbanization with essays and work by David Bergé, Elke Krasny and Tülay Atak. It is based on urban curatorial research by Krasny and photographic exploration by Bergé. In dialogue with local experts in Athens, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome and Vienna, Le Corbusier’s formative route was re-contextualized in contemporary terms. Atak’s contribution is an essay on Le Corbusier’s photographs as documents of an urban context corresponding to a moment at the end of imperialism and beginning of nation-states. With these essays and photographs, Fragile City is a visual, critical and historical reflection on contemporary urbanization.

Publisher: MER. Paper Kunsthalle, producer: Platform 0090 & PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED.



teaser see vimeo...


A text by Orhan Pamuk, directed by Mesut Arslan
....last weeks of rehearsal in t,arsenaal mechelen...première on 15th of October!


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 October 2015


...an interesting bookpresentation yesterday at deBuren, Brussel.
book still available online --> shop.merpaperkunsthalle.org



upcoming -> FRAGILE CITY

After the installations The Voyage Piece (2014) and Le Corbusier's voyage reORIENT ed 1911-2011(2012), a third and last work in the series is out now: FRAGILE CITY -- a book co-authored by Tülay Atak, David Bergé and Elke Krasny.  FRAGILE CITY takes the Voyage d'Orient (1911), the formative travel of August Klipstein and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (the future Le Corbusier), as a historic model to look at the contemporary urban condition of 5 cities today:  Athens, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome and Vienna.  With essays and photographs, Fragile City is a visual, critical and historical reflection on contemporary urbanization.

upcoming presentations: 
23 September 2015, 19u30, deBuren, Brussels, with interventions by Alexis Destoop and Teresa Stoppani (in English)
4 October - 15 November 2015, installation at NETWERK center for contemporary art, Aalst, with opening on oct 3, 20u00
publication by Tülay Atak, David Bergé and Elke Krasny  -  published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle  -  produced by Platform 0090 and PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED additional support from NETWERK center for contemporary art, Aalst, and Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek 

156 pages, dimensions: 197x157mm  -  ISBN: 9789491775574


© Emre Hüner
Emre Hüner will present his work at the 14th Istanbul Biennial, coproduced by Platform 0090. The Biennal is organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and will be open to the public from 5 September to 1 November 2015..... a city-wide exhibition held in a variety of different venues.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 September 2015


not a bad place for a production meeting...


KAMYON....100 times @ Zomer van Antwerpen !!

Knack focus on KAMYON

see more >

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 August 2015

trailer made by Deniz Polatoglu and Rudi Genbrugge
see more >

KAMYON @ Zomer van Antwerpen Belgium

last tickets available  -> Zomer van Antwerpen

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 June 2015
KAMYON - press

Interview with Deniz Polatoglu
more >

 Gazet van Antwerpen - de Standaard - Daily Sabah - Radikal



Mark Vanrunxt and Platform 0090 in Etcetera

'Your absurd is our reality'.

KAMYON - premiere at Istanbul – May 20th 2015
On the 20th of May Kamyon has its première in Kadikoy – Istanbul. Kamyon, a collaboration between Michael De Cock, theatre group t,arsenaal Mechelen and Mesut Arslan, Platform 0090, Michael De Cock illustrates the concept of illegal migration to children and their families.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 May 2015

from MODA SAHNESI to TIYATRO D22...from East to West...

Taldans just played their two performances at Moda Sahnesi, Copycat is preparing at Tiyatro D22


e m w a p FESTIVAL again on NTV...
We Need To Move Urgently - Taldans



Today's rehearsals at Moda Sahnesi..tonight first performance at 20u30.
The after talk welcomes following guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Gurur Ertem.



Jan Maertens building up the lights for the performance of Taldans! 
31 March and 1 April @ Moda Sahnesi - Istanbul 



Meryem Bayram, Gaëtan Bulourde and Pol Matthé back in Belgium…preparing Autonomous Scenography at STORMOPKOMST Kunsten Festival! 
Tickets for sunday 29 March 14u30 stormopkomst.be

Allé hop!


meet again in a truck…back home transport..



Autonomous Scenography had a good performance and a nice after talk at Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 March 2015

Performance at 20.30 and after talk with artists and guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Bengi Bugay

...on ntv.com!!


Building up…they worked until late last night!


SCHWALBE CHEATS...performances at Moda Sahnesi and workshop at Mimar Sinan University!

twice and nice!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 March 2015

Theatre Collective SCHWALBE in Istanbul

This mornng Theatre Collective Schwalbe arrived at Moda Sahnesi to build up "Schwalbe Cheats". Performance and after talk (Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Zeynep Günsür) toninght at 20.30 at Moda Sahnesi !!


e m w a p FESTIVAL in Turkish media!!
danzon2008.blogspot.com.tr / vesaire.org / www.ntv.com.tr / bantmag.com 
www.haberturk.com / www.dailysabah.com 
mimesis-dergi.org / danzon2008.blogspot.com.tr
bantmag.com / www.ntv.com.tr

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 March 2015

Todays newspaper Daily Sabah published an interview with Mesut Arslan about  
e m w a p FESTIVAL   read more > www.dailysabah.com

e m w a p FESTIVAL
A successful first part of the e m w a p FESTIVAL…now breaking down…thanks everybody! thanks SALT!



Looking for cardboards in Istanbul..

For our next performance AUTONOMOUS SCENOGRAPHY
Driving for hours, negotiating...and cutting!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 March 2015

e m w a p FESTIVAL...the after talks!

Performances are followed by after talks by the artists and guestspeakers..

@ SALT Beyoglu
CURATING SPACE - 19 March at 19.00
Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Deniz Gül

@ Moda Sahnesi
SCHWALBE CHEATS - 23 March at 21.30
Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Zeynep Günsür
Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Bengi Bugay
WE NEED TO MOVE URGENTLY - 1 April at 21.30
Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Gurur Ertem

@ Tiyatro D22
HOLY HOLY HOLY - 3 April at 21.30
Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Basak Özdogan

@ Talimhane Tiyatrosu
Guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 March 2015

Set up AUTONOMOUS SCENOGRAPHY at the Warande...performance 29 March 2015 @ STORMOPKOMST Kunstenfestival, De Warande, Turnhout...
but first @ e m w a p Festival, 25 March, Istanbul!


e m w a p FESTIVAL in Istanbul is on!!!

toi toi toi...

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 March 2015

NEWSLETTER #15 - 2015
read more >

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 March 2015

e m w a p FESTIVAL...full program...see you there!

@ SALT Beyoglu

CURATING SPACE - Erki De Vries, Pieter Huybrechts, Kris Delacourt - 17, 18, 19, 20 March - 10u00 -> 20u00
@ Moda Sahnesi

SCHWALBE CHEATS - Schwalbe - 23, 24 March 2015 - 20u30
AUTONOMOUS SCENOGRAPHY -  Meryem Bayram - 25 March 2015 - 20u30
WE NEED TO MOVE URGENTLY - Taldans - 31 March, 1 April 2015 - 20u30

@ Tiyatro D22

WORKSHOP - Schwalbe is looking for crowds - 22 March 2015  - 16u00 -> 18u30
HOLY HOLY HOLY - Copycats - 2, 3 April 2015  - 20u30

@ Talimhane Tiyatrosu
SHRAPNEL: 34 FRAGMENTS OF A MASSACRE - Anders Lustgarten/Arcola Theatre - 4, 5 April 2015  - 20u30

@ Mimar Sinan University

WORKSHOP - Schwalbe is looking for crowds - 20 March 2015 - 15u00 until 17u00
ACTION Schwalbe is looking for crowds - 24 March 2015 - 12u00

The performances are followed by debates, date/time will be on our website soon

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01 March 2015

NEWSLETTER #14 - 2015
read more >

e m w a p FESTIVAL...full program soon
but for now we can confirm following performances at following venues

CURATING SPACE - Erki De Vries, Pieter Huybrechts, Kris Delacourt @ SALT, Beyoglu, Istanbul
SCHWALBE CHEATS - Schwalbe  -  AUTONOMOUS SCENOGRAPHY -  Meryem Bayram  -  WE NEED TO MOVE URGENTLY - Taldans @ Moda Sahnesi, Kadiköy, Istanbul
SHRAPNEL: 34 FRAGMENTS OF A MASSACRE - Anders Lustgarten/Arcola Theatre @ Talimhane Tiyatrosu, Sisli, Istanbul

HOLY HOLY HOLY - Copycats @ Tiyatro D22, Beyoglu, Istanbul

UPCOMING --> e m w a p FESTIVAL!
From 17 March until 5 April 2015 there is the e m w a p festival in Istanbul.

All the productions of this project in addition to debates and workshops will be presented in one Festival in Istanbul (TR), inviting art programmers from all over Europe as an opportunity to prospect the productions and to learn about European identity from the perspective of the Middle West Arts Project.
see www.emwap.eu

The Image Generator in Metropolis M
reviews -> read more

CURATING SPACE...première @ The Image Generator!

Friday 29 January Curating Space had its première at The Image Generator.


The Image Generator in Metropolis M
previews -> read more

The Image Generator..started.. Next to an interesting program we also serve delicious food! Dish of the day --> smoked eggplant with almond and red onion, cucumbers, beans and herbs - salad and yoghourt on Iranian bread for only 7€!
Come and taste!

more impressions of yesterday...



De plooiende ruimte  -  ‘Curating Space’ in ‘The Image Generator’ 
(uit H ART 22.01.2015  Pieter Van  Bogaert)
Erki De Vries en Pieter Huybrechts werken sinds enkele jaren samen aan ‘The Book Project’: een boek dat zich laat openplooien als een ruimte. Hun nieuwste werk, dat ze maken met Kris Delacourt, sluit daar naadloos bij aan. ‘Curating Space’ plooit de ruimte verder open. Én dicht. Het werk is te zien tijdens ‘The Image Generator’, een vierdaags festival in Extra City.
‘The Image Generator’, dat festival...read more




NEWSLETTER #13 - 2015 
read more >


A four-day happening at the interface between performance and visual art
from 29 January until 1 February 2015
‘The Image Generator’ brings together the four institutions that share offices space at Eikelstraat 25-31 (Platform 0090, Extra City, Lokaal 010 and Kunst/Werk) as partners in an artistic project.

‘The Image Generator’ crosses the border between visual art and performance, inviting visitors to a changing scenography and different moments of performative action.

Considered as an exhibition setting, ‘The Image Generator’ will be a hybrid of the props, lights and set designs employed by the performers that participate to the program, as well as a parcours of works by the visual art participants. The festival will consist of recurring events where parts of this set design are repeatedly built, dismantled and reconfigured.

see www.image-generator.be
see www.antwerpart.be



21 & 22/11/2014
Mimar Sinan University, 20u00
Discografie is a collaboration between two choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Arco Renz. Initiated by Marc Vanrunxt, both makers created a solo for dancer Rob Fordeyn and weave their material into one performance. In February 2012 Vanrunxt made a first study for Rob Fordeyn in which he introduced the classical ballet attitude and technique in a world of glitter and glamour. Rob Fordeyn danced with the Royal Ballet of Flanders between 2003 and 2007. Since then he went his own way and worked with The Forsythe Company, Jean Luc Ducourt and Trajal Harrell.
The specific background and quality of movement of Fordeyn are at stake in this shared creation, in which two ways of writing will start a dialogue.
Both Marc Vanrunxt and Arco Renz developed a unique voice in the dance field. The affinity between both oeuvres lies in the attention for stillness and mystery, in a sustained radicalism and precision that leads to a moving ‘beauty’. Artistic dialogues have been at the heart of both choreographers practice. They clarify the contours of the dance and challenge it. For Discografie, Marc Vanrunxt also invited Daniel Vanverre as sound designer. When Marc and Arco went through their record collection they discovered a shared interest for pop music from the eighties. The catching disco beats and impetuous synthesised sounds will be taken apart by Daniel Vanverre and fragmented into a sound of its own, referring to early electronic music.
choreography Marc Vanrunxt, Arco Renz  dance Rob Fordeyn  sound design Daniel Vanverre  advice Marie-Anne Schotte  light, technical realisation Stef Alleweireldt  co-production Kobalt Works, STUK  with thanks to Monty and ChampdAction/Studio  with support from The Flemish Community


15 November 9 pm and 16 November 5 pm !!
for tickets see playgroundfestival


Today, start of the opening weekend - 14,15,16 November 2014.
Platform 0090 invited HA ZA VU ZU to take part in this exhibition.

HOTEL CHARLEROI is a research project initiated by Adrien Tirtiaux (BE), Antoine Turillon (FR) and Hannes Zebedin (AT) in 2009 through artist residencies and exhibitions in Charleroi. Located 60 km south from Brussels, Charleroi is a decaying industrial town with all associated symptoms – high unemployment rate, raising criminality, corruption affairs, etc. Its surrealistic urban landscape, reminiscences from an intense industrial past (slag heaps, steel factories) along with numerous irrational public infrastructures planned in the sixties (subway, ring road on viaduct), don’t fit at all with its relatively small scale (pop. 400 000). In fact, Charleroi offers a very condensed overview of how Modernity developed in Europe and which social and economical problems resulted from it. The city nearly didn’t change since 30 years, and this makes it a very interesting investigation field for us, as it leaves everything open for a new generation of artists to position itself on its modern -and postmodern- heritage.

We share our interest in the city by organising sleeping facilities in Charleroi and inviting other artists and professionals for informal residencies. We propose the residents to use the city as a studio or laboratory for research and artistic interventions, and ask them to question the meaning of going as a guest to a city in terms of contemporary art production. The physical location of HOTEL CHARLEROI changes every year, so do the local institutions with whom we collaborate and the topics on which we focus. We understand our non-institutional status as an advantage to create a dynamic platform, able to adapt itself to every occasion it encounters.
see more hazavuzu.blogspot
see more hotelcharleroi.com


From residency in wpZimmer to residency in Het Bos, Antwerp.
Three performers conjure up three worlds that touch eachother's boundaries and merge in a fascinating journey: A photographer, a musician and a scenographer manipulate the space surrounding the audience each in their own artistic language.

The spectator is confronted with a myriad of images, changing and changeable spaces, a rearranged reality.
He/she moves through a city that gets constructed, that disintegrates and becomes abstract - an inward movement through a mental space, imploding to the here and now on stage.
Curating Space is sustained by the EMWAP project and funded by the European Culture programme 


Carolina Maciel de França had a long skype talk with Ergin, based in London:
"Any man - any artist, as Nietzsche would say - climbs the stairway in the tower of his perfection at the cost of a struggle with a duende - not with an angel, as some have maintained, or with his muse. This fundamental distinction must be kept in mind if the root of a work of art is to be grasped. 
All the arts are capable of duende, but it naturally achieves its widest play in the fields of music, dance and the spoken poem, since those require a living presence to interpret them, because they are forms which grow and decline perpetually and raise their contours on the precise present." (Garcia Lorca, F. The Duende: Theory and Divertissement, 1930)
I really had to move my chair away from the window to be able to Skype with him. It’s November as I write this, and instead of sad weather and cold, the sun had turned my room into a bright, 27 °C summer scenery. But as it turns out, the weather is only the first in a line of gorgeous mind fucks.
In front of me, Ergin Cavusoglu sits in what looks like another bright room, this time in London.
The past few days, upon request, Ergin has been e-mailing several drawings, synopses, biographies,  screenplays and updates on his work –  and as we start up our conversation, I notice that – in real life – he is every bit as passionate about his most recent project.

Desire Lines – Tarot and Chess (to be launched in Antwerp in 2015) is a video in which three different elements (poetry, tarot and chess) are juxtaposed, entwined and allowed to collide and interact. Desire Lines stands for “the shortest navigational route between origin and destination”. Tarot and chess serve as intuitive and rational opposites, esoteric versus logical, left versus right – two very distinct games that Ergin and Arnold Barkus have merged into a theatrical (!) screenplay. Poetry, again, emotional yet metrical and precise.

It is the very yin and yang that wells up throughout every layer that he expose. In a previous project with a similar title (Desire Lines – Duende, 2011), Cavusoglu juxtaposed archaeologists and fortune-tellers – again opposites – maybe hoping that, right in the middle, he would find his duende.

Duende, a word that he will often use to describe the aspirations in his art, is a term described by Garcia Lorca as the highest form of synchronicity that a flamenco dancer can achieve. When a flamenco dancer reaches his duende, he has reached the highest level of engagement with his music, as possible.

It’s hard not to notice that Ergin is looking to reach his duende. Through the dialectical use of opposites. Through the struggle to balance his own creative, yet theoretical views on art. Weighing pleasure and displeasure. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Making and thinking. And still, when finishing, leaving space for the public to interact, having their personal interpretations reflect. My respect for flamenco dancers had grown exponentially during the hours that we spoke. Reaching one’s duende seems like the work of a life time. 


première in PLAYGROUND Festival #8 - 2014, STUK/Leuven
 --> saturday 15 November at 9pm
 --> sunday 16 November at 5pm

full program: www.playgroundfestival.be
tickets: www.playgroundfestival.be


Lille, France...set up...getting ready for Kortrijk@Lille festival on sunday 12 October2014 !

© Valerie De Visscher

full program on Kortrijk@Lille / Gare Saint Sauveur

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------09 October 2014

Newsletter #10 September 2014
read more >


An impression by Carolina Maciel de França:

   © Carolina Maciel de França

CENTRE TO VERTEX // connecting vertices  
Meryem Bayram came in wearing the exact same colours as I, in perfect opposites. I wore blue on black, she wore black on blue. The other thing we shared was the presumption that this text had every ingredient to fail. See, I had never seen this work before, and she felt she’d lack the words to give me a good description. So she brought a video and I brought my interview modus. Probably thinking she could show what she couldn’t tell, whereas I had the opposite in mind: talk to me until I think I have an image. Tell, but don’t show.

In Autonomous Scenography Meryem works with a series of foldable cardboard squares. First the squares are cut out in two diagonal lines that connect the vertices. (picture) Then, the uncut sides of the square are moulded, allowing the square to be manipulated into a wide variety of geometrical forms. Like a pop-up book without the frames of the separate pages…

        2. BIRD, MEET CAGE
Performers Clément Layes and Gaëtan Bulourde were then invited to experiment with the pop up cardboard, both given time and space to create their own interpretations to the same object. Cardboard as a toy. As a minimalistic landscape. A bird, a table, a man under a windshield.  Cléments structured, rhythmic, repetitious and (precise) movements contrasted well with Gaëtans rebellious, adventurous way of discovering the object by touching, moving and bending it. The very study of how the two performers spontaneously handle the same material led her to believe she wasn’t really directing, or that this method didn’t really require much of a director. I disagree, here’s why:

        3. DIRECTOR’S CUT
The fact that Meryem’s working method is based on observation doesn’t necessarily exclude the need for a director’s guidance. The fact that she doesn’t impose a choreography on her performers, doesn’t mean that there is none. Meryem chose to observe what would spontaneously stem out of their experiment, but she also made choices as to how far she would let them go. Clément and Gaëtan are never free without boundaries. Like a scientist patiently observing her study objects, she found her method in adding value to the material’s possibilities by not taming the performers’ different qualities, but also not giving them absolute freedom.

To be continued...


b i r i k e n  was formed by Okan Urun and Melis Tezkan in 2006 in Istanbul with the aim of conceiving stage performances, installations and videos.
Platform 0090 invited Okan and Melis the beginning of september for firts talks on their upcoming projects with the aim to follow the development of b i r i k e n on the long run and provide residencies and working opportunities.

see more www.biriken.com

© Beatriz Toledo-Courtesy of biriken

--------------------------------------------------------------------------11 September 2014


Cutting, doing research...and the first residency @ STUK, Leuven with Gaëtan Boulourde and Clement Layes


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 August 2014

Newsletter #9 July 2014
read more >


Making the workspace ready...
The project Autonomous Scenography (working title)l is based on the fascination of visual artist Meryem Bayram for pop-up books. She developed a series of pure basic forms made of sheet cardboard which can be unfolded from an apparently empty flat surface to a whole repertory of evocative scenic elements.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 july 2014

Newsletter #8 June 2014
read more >

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 June 2014

Curating Space @ Near East Istanbul...

?....working on it...
The audience in an installation, on stage in what seems to be a workspace setting. Three performers make three worlds visible,  boundaries touch (and) and merge in a fascinating journey. A photographer, a musician and a scenographer manipulate the surrounding space

scenography Erki de Vries   photography Pieter Huybrechts   music Kris Delacourt


The Book Project - Erki de Vries/Pieter Huybrechts   www.bookproject.eu
Curating Space is sustained by the EMWAP project and funded by the European Culture programme ?(see www.emwap.eu)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 May 2014

Turkey in mourning...
Unfortunately misery hits Turkey again.
Out of solidarity 2 days are cancelled for all performances of the Istanbul Theatre Festival.
Friday we will perform again.

We give our sympathy to all who is affected by the mine disaster at Soma.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 May 2014

BETRAYAL @ Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul

Sold out!
Istanbul Theatre Festival - tiyatro.iksv.org


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 May 2014

BETRAYAL @ t,arsenaal mechelen


© Ted Oonk          
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 May 2014

BETRAYAL/Harold Pinter - Meust Arslan

* Radar Medialab De Standaard

   Interview with Lotte Heijtenis on Radar Medialab

* De Standaard

* www.Cobra.be

   see more

* Standaard Weekblad


© Bram Mönster

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 May 2014
Swim or drown in a sea of possibilities - by Carolina Maciel de França
Comments on the rehearsals of Betrayal (Harold Pinter)

How do you deal with absolute freedom. I imagine that might have been one of the questions suffocating director Mesut Arslan during the Betrayal rehearsals. In his adaptation of Harold Pinter’s piece, he seems to be taking revenge on the little space he (and anyone else) is given working with the text and chose for a décor that could tender to every whim.
Lawrence Malstaf provided him with nine white 15-feet tall walls that could move around like the pointers of a clock. He also provided Arslan with two overview miniatures to play with. At the time of the showcase of the walls @ wpZimmer, I could hardly imagine where he was getting at, but when I entered the Black Box at second residence Dommelhof, with actors Dennis Deter, Lotte Heijtenis and Thomas Proksch working on their text, I was surprised to see it working quite naturally. In fact, opportunities were pretty much endless – yet another scary street.

A piece with four actors
While the actors rehearse, Mesut, Lawrence and dramaturg Ata Unal discuss the possible effects that could be created within this extended flexibility offered by the décor. In English this basically means that to me - the walls will also be playing the part, as individual actors and changeable elements. They move, capture, enlarge, invite and imprison, according to the role they are given. They were  the fourth and main actor.
Central at the Dommelhof residence, was the assemblage of those individual elements into one tight and coherent fit. Arslan proves to be the kind of intuitive director, kindly but firmly forcing his actors to try every possible tone and emotion until he feels the words have connected to the wall’s movements or position. As a result, I heard a lot of “Again from the beginning, but try this now” alternately used for the actors and for technician Turan. And that requires a lot of patience.  At some point in the rehearsals, somewhere late in the afternoon, Mesut had the technician turn the walls into a room inside a room (or a see-through cage ) and asked his actors to perform the text yet again, only this time to do it laughing. It proved hilarious, combining well with the absurdity in the dialogue, and changing its tone completely  - for the better.  It may have been an experiment, or a technique to fight simmering fatigue, but yet again the thought crossed my mind that this too could be endless.
The setting, the actors, the lights and the text are in constant interconnection, any slight change in any of those elements are of influence. To think of which role is attributed to it at which part of the play, is thus an important question at several levels. I left Dommelhof with the thought that trial and error was the best way to find out. Moving the bits around, trying everything over and over again and most of all: to continue even if you see walls coming at you.

When I return unexpectedly two days later, they are taking a break in silence – all in front of their screens. Part of the crew that is Turkish, discussed Turkish politics, as Tayip Erdogan had recently closed down Twitter and YouTube.
Detaching from the Twitter Mwitter, I went into the blackroom again. The difference is immediately felt: a new, diagonal arrangement draws me in at once – I also see that someone compromised in a previous discussion about whether or not to put chairs at disposal. But most of all the atmosphere differed from two days before, simply because they all seemed more confident, more in control of the nine walls. Or maybe they’d just gotten used to it. Either way, the walls seemed less pressing and unpredictable.
As I sit down at one of the most excluded tables, Thomas sits down in the corner at my left and starts recording a romantic piece of text. Whether it was his intonation or the fear that I might spoil his recording: his voice made me freeze at the spot. Then Lotte joins him with her iPhone, then Dennis. Before I leave again I watch them for one more hour, experimenting with the presence and absence of their voices and bodies within the curbs of the white walls. As I watched them freestyle, laugh and swap phones, I realized that you had to be completely at ease to have fun and take risks. I left Dommelhof with the echo of their recorded voices and live laughing ringing in my ears, also a bit surprised at how much things could change in 48 hours. The walls were now definitely tamed, the phase was now one of experiments.

Betrayal @ Toneelhuis, Antwerpen

Turan is really getting into it...

Newsletter #7 April 2014

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 April 2014
Betrayal @ Dommelhof, Neerpelt

view from our living/eating/hanging area...could be worse!
Ata Unal en Turan Tuyar at the table now...Lotte Heijtenis, Dennis Deter, Tomas Proksch and Mesut Arslan will join us tomorrow..

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 March 2014

Kaaitheater/deBuren/Platform 0090


You are curious about what is going on in TURKEY NOW ?

Next Monday you are all welcome to Kaaitheater with the opening of WoWmen Festival. The opening is focussed in Turkey with speakers as Ece Temelkuran, Bernard Bouwman, Mia Meryem Ilayda, Zeyno Pekünlü & Ilyas Odman fallowing dance performance Happy Happy Together from Ilyas Odman and Caglar Yigitogullari… Be there! 

"Between International Women’s Day and Equal Pay Day we will be presenting a second edition of WoWmen!, our focus on gender, society and art. In the opening debate we are zooming in on Turkey. This country appears to apply a double moral standard: is the dichotomy between tradition and renewal that you sense in East and West Istanbul exemplary of what is happening on a gender level? We end the debate with a dance duet by Ilyas Odman."

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 March 2014