het gewicht van woorden

Het gewicht van woorden / the weight of words

With this workshop, Enrica will work hands-on with the creative and expressive power of language. The participants are invited to play language, to write, to feel the weight of words in their bodies, to train their bodies as thermometers to feel the language temperature around them. The workshop plays with questions such as: what is a light/heavy word? And where can we feel these words in our bodies? What if we shape them with pencil, in different colors and sizes, in greasy washco’s? What space could a word-scale take up?


During the workshop, a confidential room for poetic imagination and linguistic amazement is evoked, in which both multilingualism and multidisciplinarity are valued.


!Although born to address children aged 8+, the workshop is currently looking for new audiences of artists, artistic researchers and grown up students!


First version developed during a residency in hetpaleis (May/June '23, dramaturgy by Koen Haagdorens and educational advices by Brechtje Van Bel).


3 hours - guidance in NL, ENG, FR, ITA (and ARA) possible.