enrica camporesi

Enrica Camporesi (1985°) builds up in her work atmospheres, metaphors and mythologies for the daily practice of sharing meanings that characterises human collectivities.


Language(s) being one of those, Enrica researches what language means and how we do things with our words. In Oertaal: oefeningen (2020 - ongoing) she spreads an invented myth in the form of theatre/performance, articles, lectures, workshops and many artistic conversations.

Based on her life experience as a non-native speaker and as an engaged outsider in several countries (Lebanon, France, Egypt, Belgium), Enrica explores also the (making of) frameworks for references, conventions and contexts. And their hazard.


In Performing the self - the interview (2017-2020), a theater play and a video-installation developed together with visual artist Elena Mazzi, they gave form to the impossible conversation between a protection officer and an asylum seeker before the interpreter arrives (script published in 2018 by Thalie Art Foundation, Brussels).


In her hybrid practice Enrica combines various disciplines (performance, theater and storytelling, writing, visuals) and strategies (multilingualism, unreliable/simultaneous translations, live drawings, participative happenings and playful instructions), in artistic dialogue with other multidisciplinary makers.


In 2021 she got a scholarship from the Flemish government for Oertaal: oefeningen and she attended the post-experience Master in theatre at the Toneelacademie of Maastricht. She holds a master’s degree in Arab language, history and literature (University of Venice).


Besides working on her own ongoing research Oertaal: oefeningen she currently collaborates with Ahilan Ratnamohan in Pidgin X project (about establishing a new, creole Dutch) and Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin in Gisher (WTF festival, Viernulvier).


She writes, writes for, and writes about.


Un gatto un gatto

A monthly column about performativity in language, literature and theatre voor Gagarin, an Italian online magazine.

www.gagarin-magazine.it (IT)


In altre parole word ik ook iemand anders

A hybrid review of the book "In altre parole" by American author Jumpa Lahiri, on functioning in a language which is not her mother tongue (published by Forum+, Amsterdam University Press, spring 2022).

www.forum-online.be (NL)


Geweldige fouten: enkele gedachten over normnegotiëren, taalmaken en elkaarbegrijpen

An opinion text where she pleads voor a genuine intent in listening, beyond the mistakes or the norms, inspired by the Dutch guideline Values for a new language in cultural projects (published by Forum+, Amsterdam University Press, winter 2022). 

www.forum-online.be (NL)