leyla aydoslu

Although Leyla Aydoslu's works are spatial structures, her origins are in painting. During her training, she her interest in the illusionistic possibilities provided by a flat surface gradually diminished and she discovered the possibilities of actual matter. By experimenting with less traditional materials, her work has evolved from two to three dimensions, and now she exclusively creates sculptures. Aydoslu’s work is not figurative, nor does she mimic reality, which was already apparent in her painting and is now reflected in this medium as well.


In her recent evolution, concepts such as scale, continuity and unity are played out versus multiplicity and rupture to give birth to her works. All these aspects in turn have an effect on material choices. Moreover, she increasingly is being given the opportunity to build structures related to architecture or an entire area. These opportunities allow her to further distance herself from the solitary, single form and reflect more about relationships between her interventions and the surroundings.


No matter how temporary or transitory her instances are, she always thinks about the kind of momentum she attributes to a piece of urban fabric.

Stef Van Bellingen



review in H ART magazine, April 2019 (dutch only)