is an environment, an installation by David Bergé for reading and writing in the proximity of others

at Zuiderpershuis, Waalsekaai 15, 2000 Antwerpen, 

on Sa, May 22 (1-8 PM), Su, May 23 (1-7 PM), 2021

THE CONSCIOUS EFFORT FORT is an environment inviting for an encounter with books, with reading and - after a long period of isolation - with each other. Together with architect Aslı Çiçek, artists Ioana Mandrescu and  Aemilia Papaphilippou, artist David Bergé creates a unique setting, in which participants can connect through the experience of conscious reading and sharing their thoughts.

glass/wood constructions: Aslı Çiçek, assisted by Oliva De Bree
sound installation: Ioana Mandrescu
string installation: Aemilia Papaphilippou
supervision of production Athens: Yiorgos Koufakis, Maan Halaoui, David Bergé
installation Antwerp: Robin Appels, Ilias Johri, Ben Van Den Broeck
thanks to Katrien Reist, Juan Duque

a production by kyklà with the support of the Flemish Authorities (CAP), Platform 0090 and PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED