charlotte bouckaert

Charlotte Bouckaert is a visual artist, scenographer and performance artist. The fascination for photography, for the impact of the frozen image is often the starting point of her theatre practice. The fact that a photograph congeals a moment in time fascinates, but seems to evoke systematic rebellion within her as well. In her performances, she manipulates pictures so that not the congealed moment but the entire action leading up to that moment, receives our full attention.


Charlotte’s theatre practice started in 2012, in collaboration with Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek and Beursschouwburg with the performance ‘The photographer left, he told the truth’, for which she received the Dioraphte Price at the Festival Cement.

From 2014 until 2019 she was part of the collective ‘Atelier Bildraum’, in which she collaborated with Steve Salembier and staged several theatre performances. Their first work together, ‘Bildraum’, won the Big in Belgium Award at Theater aan Zee in 2015 and in 2016 it won the Total Theatre Award at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. They followed this up with the performances ‘In between violet and green’ and ‘Icon’, which are being put on in Belgium and abroad.


Since 2019, she is focussing on her own work again, which contains video art, performances and installations. Work in which Charlotte, as a choreographer of the static image, tries to rediscover the wonder of watching in a playful and artisanal way.



Choreografie van het stilstaand beeld - Tamara Beheydt about the work of Charlotte Bouckaert (NL)