beyond the black box antwerpen

Beyond the Black Box breaks out of boxes and colours outside the lines of the classic genres. During this transdisciplinary festival, you will discover artists who go off-grid, presenting work that goes beyond easily categorisable disciplines. For this Antwerp edition, we bring together artistic practices that manoeuvre on the cutting edge of disciplines, exploring their boundaries and forging new connections. They break open existing conventions and look for hybrid forms.  


Beyond the Black Box invites creators and the public to experiment with form, space and time. The festival challenges you to look at things differently. Let yourself be surprised by work in unexpected places or moments, throw that set of beliefs overboard and come and experience with an open mind what art can still be.  


Besides the Amsterdam edition (an initiative of  Brakke Grond), C-Takt, Monty, Platform 0090 and wpZimmer breathe life into an Antwerp edition of the festival.