there is a cloud

some horse riding

a sudden death

but with

a happy end.



In Love, a two-part solo dance performance supported by objects and sculptures, is intending to activate the potential sensitivity of the inanimate. The movement vocabulary is aimed at turning the body into a moving sculpture. Everything is visible, and even over visible.

Part 1: I In this world of over exposure, we navigate from one scene to another by weightlessness proper to tactile experiences. How to make a tactile experience visible? How to hide and reveal in a world of over exposure? How to make an image last over time?


Part 2: II Part one deals with these questions whereas part two focuses on the conflictual aspect of any concept, in this case the concept of love. In Part 2: II, we witness how one (I) is transformed into two (II) over the process of splitting, multiplication, division, reproduction, reflection, repetition, identification, separation etc. In a world of opposites, we are constantly pulled, pushed and torn apart by the object of our desire. “If love is so strong that it creates an attachment hard to be torn apart, hate intensifies more and more. In this sense, love is considered as a battle between two sides trying to ruin each other by passing through the walls of protection of other’s identity.” (RUSSELL Bertrand, A History of Western Philosophy, p.20)


Temiz has worked around topics such as love, war, fear, touch, fear of unknown and protection to find an hybrid form for a dance inspired by visual arts, cinema and architecture.


Concept and performance Bahar Temiz Sculpture Ceylan Dökmen Costume Ritter Bitter Music Doruk Bayer, vib; Claudio Monteverdi, Lamento della Ninfa; Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Their Helicopters’ Sing Light design Martin Kaffarnik Wooden construction Stef Depover, Metin Sakin External eye Mesut Arslan, Michael De Cock, Smaranda Olcese, Marc Vanrunxt Thanks to Arda Ateş, Anna Efraimsson, Chrystel Herbeaux Del-Pino, Wim Viaene, Valerie De Visscher, Saint Joseph High school Coproduction Platform 0090, Kunstcentrum Buda (Kortrijk, Belgium), APAP – Advancing Performing Arts Projects / Performing Europe Network Funded by the European Commission – Culture programme With the support of De Feniks Walpurgis (Mortsel, Belgium), Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Centre de creation et de production (France), Centre National de la Danse (Paris, France), Salt Galata (Istanbul, Turkey)