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NEWSLETTER #26 - 2016

GOLEM - Thomas Ryckewaert
première 9, 10 December 2016 @ De Singel, Antwerp

In Golem Thomas Ryckewaert gets to work with The Homunculus of Maimonides, a 14th century Jewish legend. Maimonides, a notorious man of science, is looking for the secret of creation - hoping to outwit death.
Using a stilled, filmic imagery, Ryckewaert combines contemporary science and an age-old human ambition. The desire to create (eternal) life goes hand in hand with a coeval fear: the creation of something that outflanks us. It's a theme that has been fascinating man for ages: from the mythical Golem, passing by Frankenstein to artificial intelligence. A visual performance on the small border between creation and destruction, between reason and fear.
Scenario & direction: Thomas Ryckewaert, Scenography: Erki De Vries, Light: Giacomo Gorini, Sound: Senjan Jansen, Assistant director: Sibran Sampers, Production: Wolff vzw / Hiros, Coproduction: deSingel, Kaaitheater, Vooruit, TAKT Dommelhof, Platform 0090.In collaboration with: Kunstencentrum BUDA, WP Zimmer. With the support of The Flemish Community, the City of Antwerp

© Susan Derges, courtesy of Purdy Hicks Gallery, London 

KAMYON - Michael De Cock / Mesut Arslan
from 10 until 12 November 2016 @ Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest

from 6 December until 17 December 2016 @ Theatre National, Brussels
from 18 until 21 December 2016 @ KVS, Brussels

Kamyon illustrates the concept of migration to children and their families.The starting point is the story Two small bags, ten million dreams. A young girl is talking about a trip to the promised land. On her road through Europe, the girl is wondering why she can only take two small bags and why she has to leave all her cuddly toys behind, all but one.
Like the girl, the lorry  travels through Europe. The play follows the road that many migrants have taken and the audience, the children and their families who have listened to her story, will form a long trail across Europe.

With: Rudi Genbrugge, Jessica Fanhan, Deniz Polatoglu … Concept & creation: Michael De Cock, Rudi Genbrugge, Mesut Arslan, Deniz Polatoglu Music: Rudi Genbrugge Set Design: Stef Depover Animation film: Deniz Polatoglu Production: KVS Coproduction: t,Arsenaal Mechelen, Platform 0090, Les Francophonies En Limousin, Ex-Ponto Festival Ljubljana

see trailer  -  trailer french version
LES SOEURS / Freija Van Esbroek - Erki De Vries
27 December @ De Maan Mechelen

Les Soeurs is a visual and musical family performance in which two enormous puppets -two sisters- play a leading role. In a big and sophisticated installation a wordless play arises, circling around themes like vulnerability, (in)dependency and emotions. Together with the audience the puppets discover themselves, each other and the world around them. Who really pulls the strings?
In Les Soeurs, the artists create a poetical universe between fantasy and reality. Les Soeurs is an associative and dynamic performance on the boundaries of theatre, music, dance and plastical arts.

Concept Freija Van Esbroeck & Erki De Vries Scenography and mechanics Erki De Vries & Anton Boon Puppets Freija Van Esbroeck Performers Anton Boon, Erki De Vries, Joke Van Canneyt, Kate Olsen, Freija Van Esbroeck Music Ruben Nachtergaele  Light design Thomas Glorieux Directing Benjamin Vandewalle & Ruth Mariën 

http://www.froefroe.be/en/production/1689/les-soeurssee trailer 

About the Tensions between Theatre and Political Power in Turkey

Pieter Verstraete is currently Lecturer at the American Culture and Literature Department of Hacettepe University in Ankara and Honorary University Fellow in Drama at the University of Exeter.

(Ankara, 2 September 2016.) On 15 July, Turkey experienced its most intense night in a long time. A failed coup attempt startled the country. Some critics believed it was all ‘staged’. Indeed, there was no lack of theatricality. For the first time, we saw the president via FaceTime on television.

read the full text....

AKROSTIŞ / new magazine for literature, culture and art.
For sale at the bookshop now!

Akrostiş is an initiative of Arte, a cultural organization based in Heusden Zolder. Akrostiş gives attention to contemporary trends in the Flemish and Turkish cultural scene. The magazine covers the poetic, the timeless, the visual, the audible and the exceptional of both countries. The goal is to (re)bind both cultures in a positive way and make them more accessible.

The editors of Akrostiş are Gülcan Kahraman, Peter Weyns, Mesut Arslan, Kenan Serbest and Ömer Turan. Each edition has Flemish, Turkish or Dutch guest editors. In this first edition are contributions from Annelies Verbeke, Mustafa Kör, Griet Op de Beeck, Ali Lidar, Max Temmerman, Herman Maes and many others...

http://www.akrostis.be/ - see teaser - www.facebook.com

Emre Hüner / NEOCHRONOPHOBIQ: exhibition from 12 October - 11 December 2016 @ STUK, Leuven

Thomas Ryckewaert / GOLEM: residency from 31 October - 13 November 2016 @ wpZimmer, Antwerp
Meryem Bayram / FOURFOLD: residency from 28 November - 11 December 2016 @ wpZimmer, Antwerp

Thomas Ryckewaert / GOLEM: 14 December 2016 @ Vooruit, Gent
Michael De Cock - Mesut Arslan / KAMYON: from 4 January - 6 January 2017 @ Théâtre La Renaissance, Mondeville, France

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