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NEWSLETTER #24 - 2016

VOICING PIECES / Begüm Erciyas
27, 28, 29 August 2016 @ Uferstudios, Berlin -  PREMIERE

One’s own voice becomes a place for action, a spectacle, a surprise and the choreogra­phy’s protagonist. In a mini stage space, the spectator enters into a private world and becomes the performer in his own performance. The act of speaking and simultaneously hearing your own voice turns into a theatrical and choreographic experience, sculpted anew with each individual interpretation of the score.
Concept: Begüm Erciyas, Realization: Matthias Meppelink and Begüm Erciyas, Dramaturgy: Marnix Rummens, Live-operation: Begüm Erciyas, Julia Krause, Matthias Meppelink, Text: Begüm Erciyas, Emi Kodama, Matthias Meppelink, Jacob Wren, Set Realization: Tim Vanhentenryk, Artistic collaboration: Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias

© Begüm Erciyas  - http://www.tanznachtberlin.de/tanznachtberlin2016/en/productions/#section-3 - http://www.begumerciyas.com/
LES SOEURS / Freija Van Esbroeck - Erki De Vries 
11 - 12 August 2016  @ Villa Basta, Hasselt

Four artists/performers create a big wooden installation full of mechanical details and counterweights which manipulate two huge dolls, two sisters. A wordless music theatre piece, two beings fragile but strong. The reality is shown with a fascination for astonishment, for details, the poetry of the smallness. A movement of images that read like a poem.

Concept Freija Van Esbroeck, Erki De Vries Scenography & technique Erki De Vries, Anton Boon Creation figures Freija Van Esbroeck Play Erki De Vries, Anton Boon, Kate Olsen, Freija Van Esbroeck Musique & technique Ruben Nachtergaele Coach figures play Filip Peeters Coach choreography Benjamin Vandewalle Dramaturgy Ruth Mariën

© Freija Van Esbroeck  - www.theateropdemarkt.be - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFMkMSh3jVo

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