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        NEWSLETTER #12-2014

© Gizem Karaosmanoğlu

première in PLAYGROUND Festival #8 - 2014, STUK/Leuven
 --> saturday 15 November at 9pm
 --> sunday 16 November at 5pm
The project Autonomous Scenography is based on the fascination of visual artist Meryem Bayram for pop-up books. She developed a series of forms made of sheet cardboard which can be unfolded from an apparently empty flat surface to a whole repertory of evocative scenic elements.
Different artists were invited to use their imagination on the material. In this way, the project demonstrates what happens when the scenography does not rely on a story or choreography, but the other way around. How can the performer, the sound artist or light artist contaminate these various scenic elements? In a silent but highly expressive game of forms, spaces, objects and worlds are set up, which reveal to what extent our perception of reality is determined by personal associations and memories. 
Concept & objects Meryem Bayram With Gaëtan Bulourde & Clément Layes Sound design Charo Calvo Light installation Pol Matthé Outside eye David Bergé Special thanks Marnix Rummens
production Platform 0090 coproduction Playground (STUK kunstencentrum & m-museum) leuven, wpZimmer/Antwerpen, MAF festival/Antwerpen, Storm op Komst/Turnhout 

For tickets: http://www.stuk.be/nl/programma/autonomous-scenography

2. DISCOGRAFIE / Marc Vanrunxt 

© Raymond Mallentjer 
Marc Vanrunxt will manage a projectweek in Istanbul. Starting with a ‘Marc@Monday Istanbul Special’, showcasing some of the key references of his work, he will also be teaching workshops at Ciplak Ayaklar and at the Mimar Sinan Istanbul University. There will be presentations of the performance Discografie (2013), artists talks and debates with local colleagues. 
This work in Instanbul is a first step towards a promising close collaboration with Platform 0090, which will result in a new creation in 2015.
 --> monday 17 November ‘Marc@Monday Istanbul Special’ at Çıplak Ayaklar Stüdyosu at 8pm
Limited places! please make your reservation before 15/11 on ece@0090.be - entrance free
​Çıplak Ayaklar Stüdyosu, Firuzağa mah. Çukurcuma cad.No: 6/ 3 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
 --> friday 21 November Discografie at Mimar Sinan Guzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi at 8pm
 --> saturday 22 November Discografie at Mimar Sinan Guzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi at 8pm
Entrance: 10TL if reservation made before 20/11 on ece@0090.be  -> 15TL at the entrance on the evening
Bomonti Yerleşkesi Cumhuriyet Mah. Silahşörl Cad. No: 89 Şişli / Istanbul

choreography Marc VanrunxtArco Renz dance Rob Fordeyn sound design Daniel Vanverre advice Marie-Anne Schotte light, technical realisation Stef Alleweireldt production Kunst/Werk, Platform 0090 co-production Kobalt Works, STUK with thanks to Monty and ChampdAction/Studio with support from The Flemish Community


© Ergin Çavuşoğlu

upcoming project:
Desire Lines - Tarot and Chess consists of three distinct elements. The conceptual framework is based on the tarot and the game of chess, with references to their depictions in literature. The 'Tarot' section takes its cue from Italo Calvino’s book The Castle of Crossed Destinies (1973), whereas 'Chess' remotely reflects on elements from Vladimir Nabokov’s book The Luzhin Defence (1930).

Carolina Maciel de França had a long skype talk with Ergin, based in London:
"Any man - any artist, as Nietzsche would say - climbs the stairway in the tower of his perfection at the cost of a struggle with a duende - not with an angel, as some have maintained, or with his muse. This fundamental distinction must be kept in mind if the root of a work of art is to be grasped. 
All the arts are capable of duende, but it naturally achieves its widest play in the fields of music, dance and the spoken poem, since those require a living presence to interpret them, because they are forms which grow and decline perpetually and raise their contours on the precise present."
(Garcia Lorca, F. The Duende: Theory and Divertissement, 1930)

I really had to move my chair away from the window to be able to Skype with him. It’s November as I write this, and instead of sad weather and cold, the sun had turned my room into a bright, 27 °C summer scenery. But as it turns out, the weather is only the first in a line of gorgeous mind fucks.
In front of me, Ergin Cavusoglu sits in what looks like another bright room, this time in London. The past few days,....read more

Screenplay by Arnold BarkusErgin Çavuşoğlu Based on The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino Production : Platform 0090FLACCExtra City with the support of SAHA and Middelsex University

more info about Ergin Çavuşoğlut: http://www.ergincavusoglu.com/


 © Bram Mönster

Taldans is performing We need to move urgently at Maxim Gorki theater in Berlin.   

--> saturday 13 November at 9pm
--> sunday 14 November at 5pm

for tickets:  english.gorki.de  

Mesut Arslan's curatorial work for europalia.turkey has been completed. He will now be further concentrating on his own productions. The Europalia team is taking over now.