Meryem Bayram (°1981, Antwerp) is a visual artist, curator and scenographer.  A recurring theme in her work is the investigation of the common ground between people and their surroundings, between abstraction and figuration. With various materials such as wood, cardboard and elastic band she assembles constructions, which outline the escape routes of the environment. Moreover, they reveal a parallel network of immaterial forces. They constitute areas of tension between helping hands and obstacles. They are mind maps in which reality and imagination are matched.

Meryem Bayram studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and graphic design at the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts, Antwerp in 1997-2000. She studied scenography at the POPOK in Antwerp (2006-2007). In 2000 she founded OnderHetVel theatre together with Mesut Arslan, where she created several scenography’s for productions like Gilgamesh (2002), The room and the Man (2004 and 2012, Istanbul), Ve Veya Ya Da (2006), Either/Or  (2012) and Plot (2008).


As a scenographer she also joined forces with dance companies like Cie13 and Taldans.


She performed and designed a scenography for a show for children called ‘I can see, I can see what you can’t see’ (Luxemburg theatre, 2013, Antwerp). She also developed the scenography of the ‘50 years of trailblazers’ exhibition of the MAS 2013. Scenography for the expo o‘Happy birthday Europalia’ 2015, scenography for the art movie of visual artist Ergin Cavusoglu ‘Cinefication/Tarot and Chess/’, 2016.

At the moment she works on a Radio Voice project ‘QUALIA’ – Charo Calvo and has been asked to collaborate by Hans Demeulenaere and Wim Vandekeybus.


As a visual artist Meryem Bayram participated in exhibitions in the NICC (Antwerp, 2007), Blaak 10 Gallery (Rotterdam, 2005), Vooruit (Gent, 2006), the Theatre festival (Antwerp, 2006), Mute (Antwerp, 2006) and The Tunnel arts festival (Istanbul, 2005). She was also the curator of several exhibitions for Platform 0090, such as “Mind the depth” in De Singel (Antwerp, 2006), “Manifest Destiny” in the art hall Extra City (Antwerp 2008) and a series of artist presentations in Lokaal 01 (Antwerp 2006 -…).


In 2008 she was given a development grant by the Flemish Community to reserach the relationship between body, object and space. This resulted in a performance/scenography in Lokaal 01, Antwerp. (Space for visual arts, experiment, research and dialogue). In 2013 she received a second grant which gave her the opportunity to conduct research into the scenographic possibilities of pop-up books. (Autonomous Scenography).




© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker